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Pool and lawn service is what we do best, but there are a few more things we do well enough to offer to the general public.  Total property maintenance and cleaning solutions are available for our clients, as well as some boutique installation services.   With a strong background in construction and metal fabrication, Sunday Fun Time also designs and produces custom features, structures and art installations.

Above & Beyond

Our executive level package includes all services in our Total Pool & Total Lawn service plan. When circumstances allow, services are executed in a single visit. After a brief inspection, lawns are mowed, edged, trimmed, blown and collected. Pools are netted, swept and cleaned directly after lawn service, so that any surface debris and sediment are removed. Walkways and paths are cleared of debris, and a full perimeter policing is done before we leave. 

Total Pool
Also known as our Pampered Pool Plan, this service package provides everything you need to enjoy your pool year round. Chemicals and water balance are monitored and maintained though weekly servicing. Pool equipment and common systems receive a thorough inspection upon each visit, as preventative maintenance helps prolong each element’s longevity.

Chemical Only

Our most modest pool service includes weekly monitoring and maintenance of your pool’s chemical composition, water balance and overall H2O health. Systems are inspected for surface leaks and general wear and tear. Debris is removed from skimmer and pump pot baskets, but other cleaning duties are up to you. For those clients that require a little more attention to detail, we highly recommend our Total Pool service. 

Pool Cleaners

Your pool cleaner can be a huge help in maintaining cleanliness on the pool floor, walls and steps, as well as the health of your water.  All pool services include a cleaner inspection.  We carry common parts with us and can perform on the spot maintenance for most cleaners, and we can order and repair pretty much any modular cleaner in use in a pool.

Total Lawn

Everything you need for your lawn is taken care of by a professional. No need to buy, store or maintain a mower, edger, trimmer, blower or any other bulk lawn equipment… ever again. This service is provided year round to ensure your lawn is health throughout all seasons. Fertilization and weed prevention is also included with this plan 

Shave & A Haircut

Our most modest residential lawn service plan is a bare bones as it gets. MOW, BLOW & GO… Blink and you might miss us. If your lawn didn’t look so good, you might not know we were there. This service is commonly bundled with our chemical only pool service, but for just a little more, our Above & Beyond service plan takes care of so much more.

Poo Pick Up

There’s no use in being bashful about it, we don’t mind shoveling shi… stuff. We also LOVE DOGS! Depending on the number of dogs and frequency, this service can be provided as often as three times per week. Above & Beyond service members get a 50% discount on this service. We carry all natural animal treats with us. With your permission, your fur babies get a little something extra before we leave.

Total Leaf Removal

Pretty much exactly what the title says… we get rid of all of the leaves on the ground. We would recommend waiting until all leaves on property have dropped, but it is not uncommon to have this service done more than once. Especially since Texas weather is pretty unpredictable during the holiday season. Leaves are bagged and left for curbside collection. Expedited removal of lawn bags can be arranged for an additional fee.

Window Cleaning

Inside and out, we clean your windows and make them shine. Screens are removed, panes polished, sills scrubbed, and more… we do everything but re-caulk them for you. When we’re finished, you’ll need to post warnings to keep the birds from flying into them.

Pressure Washing

Fences, decks, driveways and more… it’s amazing what a difference a little bit of water and a while lot of pressure can make. Areas are cleared of furniture and debris before washing. This treatment can remove paint and stain, so all areas of concern will be addressed before starting.

Gutter Clean Out

Gutters guards removed, debris and clogs eliminated, pressure washed and reassembled. When water cannot escape to a planned route, it will backup until a relief is discovered. This service, though tedious and tasking, can prevent damage to your home, lawn, landscaping and more. Did we mention this helps prevent mosquito infestations?

Grill Cleaning

Get your grill looking it’s best for your next backyard gathering. Stainless, cast iron, grates, flattops, gas or charcoal; if you cook in it, on it, or near it; we’ll clean it. In addition to grill cleaning, we also specialize in seasoning flat top grill surfaces.  This service takes a few hours, so please schedule in advance.

Debris Removal

Got junk in your yard or garage? For our monthly service members, we offer debris removal to complement your service plans. Don’t want to wait for the garbage crew to take it away, call us and we’ll come get it today. Too bulky to move? Too big to fit? Call us today to come get that shi… stuff.

Outdoor Living Installations


Food Plots

There is so much wasted space in the average yard.  Not to say your lawn isn’t beautiful, but it could serve a higher functionality.  Converting these unused spaces into food plots can provide fresh, edible treats to add to your home prepared meals.   

Raised Beds

Raised beds are an excellent feature for aesthetics and multi functional outdoor living areas.  These modular installations can be constructed in a manner that make them easy to set up, relocate or take down.  More permanent installations can integrate sprinkler control systems for scheduled irrigation.

Herb Gardens

Unlike food plots and raised beds, herb gardens can be placed or installed just about anywhere.  In a pot by the backdoor or in an old boot on the table, the options for these lovely additions are just about limitless.

Fire Features

Modular and permanently installed fire features can set off the appeal of any backyard or outdoor living area.  Mixed media installations can combine, rocks, glass, water, and various textural material that are able to stand exposure to the elements.

Water Features

Ponds, fountains and falls can add the perfect subtle touch for serene backyard scapes.  Clever design and installation techniques can mask to location of pumps, pipes and various components.  These features can be integrated into some pool systems, or setup as an independent installation. 

Pergola & Canopy

Overhead shade and shelter structures are great way to top off your outdoor living area.  Connected to existing structures or installed as a stand alone features, there are limitless options for design and implementation.  

Decks & Walkways

Brick, stone and aggregate are some of the commonly used media for walkways and beds.  Decks and elevated platforms can also offer a more permanent option for some outdoor living areas.  

French Drains & Sump Pumps

Pooling puddles can be unsightly, but with a little planning, french drains, sump pumps and drainage channels provide relief for heavily drenched areas.  

Still Interested?

     It’s time for us to meet, but it’s up to you to reach out.  Send us a quick note about what you are looking for, and we will call to arrange a time to meet.  We will typically get back to you within a few hours. 

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Sunday Fun Time currently has slots available for pool and lawn service.  Outdoor Living Installations require time, planning, asset and logistics management, so these projects are carefully calculated before production can begin.  Realistic time frame and estimated cost can be delivered once the full scope of work is understood.  Talk to a Sunday Fun Time representative today to begin groundwork for your next project. 

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