Pool Service

     Sunday Fun Time provides a full range of service for residential pools.

Water Balance

 Careful monitoring of Pool pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels all attribute to your water health.

Chemical Maintenance

What’s in your water? Too much or too little of anything could be a bad thing for your pool system or bathers.

filter Cleaning

Recommended twice a year, this system overhaul is essential to maintaining a working system.

Equipment maintenance

Pumps and motors will eventually fail, but preventative maintenance helps to ensure longevity of pool components.  


Netting and brushing are essential first steps, but there’s much more to keeping your pool sparkling clean.


As screws unravel, parts wear out, and water starts to drip, we replace the little things needed to keep it all going. 

Popular Pool Packages

Chemical Only

Maintenance plan for chemicals & water balance. Includes basket cleaning & basic equipment monitoring & two backwashes per year.

Starting at $80

Total Pool

Includes all chemical services,  brush, net & total debris removal, seasonal backwash,  preventative maintenance for equipment  & much more.

Starting at $150

Above & Beyond

Our most popular package includes Total Pool and Total Lawn monthly services. Includes two filter deep cleaning services per year.

Starting at $275

It goes without saying that each pool system is unique and nearly impossible to assess properly without being on property. We can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone or though email, but an accurate assessment of all duties necessary for your pool and/or lawn needs to be done in person. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation. If our services are a good fit for your home, a brief orientation will help manage expectations and set some ground rules.



Here’s the rundown when Sunday Fun Time provides your pool service:

Above & Beyond

Our executive level package includes all services in our Total Pool & Total Lawn service plan.  When circumstances allow, services are executed in a single visit.  After a brief inspection, lawn treatments are followed by pool servicing.  A final sweep of the premise is performed before we leave.

Total Pool

Also known as our Pampered Pool Plan, this service package provides everything you need to enjoy your pool year round.  Chemicals and water balance are monitored and maintained though weekly servicing.  Pool equipment and common systems receive a thorough inspection upon each visit, as preventative maintenance helps prolong each element’s longevity.

Chemical Only

Our most modest pool service includes weekly monitoring and maintenance of your pool’s chemical composition, water balance and overall H2O health.  Systems are inspected for surface leaks and general wear and tear.  Debris is removed from skimmer and pump pot baskets, but other cleaning duties are up to you.  For those clients that need a little more attention to detail, we highly recommend our Total Pool service.

Sunday Fun Time also offers these a la carte pool services:

Filter Service

Your pool filter is the lifeline of your water health.  It is recommended that at least twice a year, filters are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled.  On occasion, filter grids, seals and other components will need to be replaced.  If your system uses diatomaceous earth, media must be replaced immediately after resuming operation.  A number of factors can contribute to the need for having your filter serviced.  Due to the nature of this treatment, filter service is not included with our monthly service plans.

Pool Cleaner Repair

Your pool cleaner can be a huge help in maintaining cleanliness on the pool floor, walls and steps, as well as the health of your water.  All pool services include a cleaner inspection.  We carry common parts with us and can perform on the spot maintenance for most cleaners, and we can order and repair pretty much any modular cleaner in use in a pool.

The Dirty Bird

We’ve seen pools in all conditions.  Most pools can be brought back to life within a month,  but there are some scenarios that are beyond salvaging.  If your pool is in need of assistance, please contact a pool professional to begin a treatment plan as soon as possible.  Clients signing up for monthly service receive a discount on the dirty bird service.

Debris Removal

Got junk in your yard or garage?  For our monthly service members, we offer debris removal to complement your service plans.  Don’t want to wait for the garbage crew to take it away, call us and we’ll come get it today.   Too bulky to move?  Too big to fit?   Call us today to come get that shi… stuff.

Is your pool in need of assistance?


We don’t claim to take on every challenge that comes our way, but we will always provide an honest assessment and treatment plan to regain control of your system.  We have seen pools in all conditions.  If your pool needs help, contact a pool professional as soon as possible.  Preventative action can save your equipment and restore beauty to your backyard.  

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