Outdoor Living Installations

In addition to pool and lawn services, Sunday Fun Time also designs and installs features and structures for backyards and outdoor living areas.  These projects require a little more attention to detail and as well as resources, so availability is limited to just a few selective slots at a time.  

Food Plots

There is so much wasted space in the average yard.  Not to say your lawn isn’t beautiful, but it could serve a higher functionality.  Converting these unused spaces into food plots can provide fresh, edible treats to add to your home prepared meals.   

Raised Beds

Raised beds are an excellent feature for aesthetics and multi functional outdoor living areas.  These modular installations can be constructed in a manner that make them easy to set up, relocate or take down.  More permanent installations can integrate sprinkler control systems for scheduled irrigation.

Herb Gardens

Unlike food plots and raised beds, herb gardens can be placed or installed just about anywhere.  In a pot by the backdoor or in an old boot on the table, the options for these lovely additions are just about limitless.

Fire Features

Modular and permanently installed fire features can set off the appeal of any backyard or outdoor living area.  Mixed media installations can combine, rocks, glass, water, and various textural material that are able to stand exposure to the elements.

Water Features

Ponds, fountains and falls can add the perfect subtle touch for serene backyard scapes.  Clever design and installation techniques can mask to location of pumps, pipes and various components.  These features can be integrated into some pool systems, or setup as an independent installation. 

Pergola & Canopy

Overhead shade and shelter structures are great way to top off your outdoor living area.  Connected to existing structures or installed as a stand alone features, there are limitless options for design and implementation.  

Decks & Walkways

Brick, stone and aggregate are some of the commonly used media for walkways and beds.  Decks and elevated platforms can also offer a more permanent option for some outdoor living areas.  

French Drains & Sump Pumps

Pooling puddles can be unsightly, but with a little planning, french drains, sump pumps and drainage channels provide relief for heavily drenched areas.  

We have an open door policy…

Everyone has a boss.  Our boss is the collective expectations, desires and demands from our clients.  If there is anything, and we mean ANYTHING, that needs to be brought to our attention, please let us know immediately. If you have a particular way that you like your lock to hang, we’ll make sure that it is done every time we leave.  We welcome feedback, and want to make sure our service exceeds your expectations.

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