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Sunday Fun Time provides essential services for residential lawns.







Popular LAWN Packages

Shave and a Haircut

Just the basics… mow & blow.  Includes seasonal edge and trim. This package is a great value and huge time saver. 

Starting at $150

Total Lawn

Mow, edge, trim, blow, & bag.  Includes yearly organic fertilization and eco-friendly weed control. Delivering consistent results, every week, all year round.

Starting at $250

Above & Beyond

Our most popular package includes Total Pool and Total Lawn monthly services. Includes two filter deep cleaning services per year.

Starting at $275

It goes without saying that each lawn is unique and nearly impossible to assess properly without being on property. We can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone or though email, but an accurate quote to perform all duties necessary for your pool or lawn needs to be done in person. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation. If our services are a good fit for your home, a brief orientation will help manage expectations and ground rules.



Here’s what to expect when Sunday Fun Time takes over your lawn duties:

Above & Beyond

Our executive level package includes all services in our Total Pool & Total Lawn service plan.  When circumstances allow, services are executed in a single visit.  After a brief inspection, lawn treatments are followed by pool servicing.  A final sweep of the premise is performed before we leave.

Total Lawn

Everything you need for your lawn is taken care of by a professional.  No need to buy, store or maintain a mower, edger, trimmer, blower or any other bulk lawn equipment… ever again.  This service is provided year round to ensure your lawn is health throughout all seasons.  Fertilization and weed prevention is also included with this plan.

Shave and a Haircut

Our most modest residential lawn service plan is a bare bones as it gets.  MOW, BLOW & GO… Blink and you might miss us.  If your lawn didn’t look so good, you might not know we were there.  This service is commonly bundled with our chemical only pool service, but for just a little more, our Above & Beyond service plan takes care of so much more.

Sunday Fun Time also offers these a la carte services:

Poo Pick Up

There’s no use in being bashful about it, we don’t mind shoveling shi… stuff.  We also LOVE DOGS!  Depending on the number of dogs and frequency, this service can be provided as often as three times per week.  Above & Beyond service members get a 50% discount on this service.  We carry all natural animal treats with us.  With your permission, your fur babies get a little something extra before we leave.

Total Leaf Removal

Pretty much exactly what the title says… we get rid of all of the leaves on the ground.  We would recommend waiting until all leaves on property have dropped, but it is not uncommon to have this service done more than once.  Especially since Texas weather is pretty unpredictable during the holiday season.  Leaves are bagged and left for curbside collection.  Expedited removal of lawn bags can be arranged for an additional fee.

Gutter Clean Out

Gutters guards removed, debris and clogs eliminated, pressure washed and reassembled.  When water cannot escape to a planned route, it will backup until a relief is discovered.  This service, though tedious and tasking, can prevent damage to your home, lawn, landscaping and more.  Did we mention this helps prevent mosquito infestations?

Pressure Washing

Fences, decks, driveways and more… it’s amazing what a difference a little bit of water and a while lot of pressure can make.  Areas are cleared of furniture and debris before washing.  This treatment can remove paint and stain, so all areas of concern will be addressed before starting.

Window Cleaning

Inside and out, we clean your windows and make them shine.  Screens are removed, panes polished, sills scrubbed, and more… we do everything but re-caulk them for you.  When we’re finished, you’ll need to post warnings to keep the birds from flying into them.

Grill Cleaning

Get your grill looking it’s best for your next backyard gathering.  Stainless, cast iron, grates, flattops, gas or charcoal… if you cook in it, on it, or near it; we’ll clean it.  In addition to grill cleaning, we also specialize in seasoning flat top grill surfaces.  This service takes a few hours, so please schedule in advance. 

Debris Removal

Got junk in your yard or garage?  For our monthly service members, we offer debris removal to complement your service plans.  Don’t want to wait for the garbage crew to take it away, call us and we’ll come get it today.   Too bulky to move?  Too big to fit?   Call us today to come get that shi… stuff.


We may not be the cheapest or fastest outfit in town, but we show up when we say we’re coming, and deliver consistent results that you and your family can depend upon year round.  If your lawn needs help, or you are just ready to stop worrying about it, call us today.  

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