Sunday Fun Time Services

Media Development – Audio/Video – Backline

Web Development

Landing pages, application design, micro-sites, responsive and dynamic content management systems


Audio Production

Studio and live capture, jingle development, multi-track music production, voiceover development

Video Production

Demonstrative videos for products and services, mixed media, multiple format output and implementation

Print Production

Brochures, business cards, posters, flyers, banners, CD/DVD layout, merchandise branding, screen printing

Animation & Motion Graphics

Motion graphic design and development, rotoscope animation, hand drawn renderings and 3D animation

Storefront Development

Shopping cart implementation, secure payment integration, product photography, product copy development


Marketing & Promotion

Design and development of marketing materials, promotion schedule planning, placement negotiation

Event Coordination

Venue procurement, scheduling, equipment set up, logistics, promotions and marketing


Live Sound

PA system set-up and operation, 24 channel mixing, microphone and hardware accessories

Video Projection

Multiple video projectors, modular rear projections screens, 16 channel video splitter, extra long cables

Camera & Crew

Scalable camera and sound crew, professional lighting and rigging, sound stage production

Sunday Fun Time

Backline Rentals

Electro Voice PA System with StudioLive 24.4.2 Mixer

This mid-sized PA System can fill the noise space in a large theater or auditorium with ease.  Comes with 4 EV12 monitors, 2 tops, 2 subs, 4 Crown amps, and cabling to connect it all to a 24 channel Presonus mixer through a 100′ LiveWire snake.

DMX LED Lighting Rig

4 Blizzard Pucks, 10 LED Par Cans, 2 Chauvet Swarms (laser, derby, strobe combo), 2 Chauvet Micro-Pars, hundreds of feet of DMX (not XLR) cable, and DMXIS interface.

Digital Projector

2 – 4000 lumen HD/3D Infocus Projectors, 1 – 1000 lumen Panasonic Projector, 1 – 800 lumen Infocus Projector.

Yahama Stage Custom 6pc Drum Kit (with Rack Hardware)

This drum kit has everything touring drummer wants to have, but doesn’t want to haul from town to town.

Les Paul with Seymour Duncan Pickups

This Epiphone Les Paul packs a mighty punch with two Seymour Duncan pick-ups, cross wired to attain the perfect tone.

Gretch Acoustic Guitar

This big body Gretch resonates with a heavenly pitch.  Swap out the strings to dial in your perfect tone.

Have something specific in mind, but don’t see what you’re looking for???  We can more than likely get it for you.  Our relationships with several vendors make it possible to obtain almost anything you might need.  Contact Sunday Fun Time today for all of your backline rental needs.

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