Say Hello to the Cowley's

Say Hello to the Cowley's

Sunday Fun Time Owners & Operators

Dayna & Nicholas Cowley are the owners and operators of Sunday Fun Time, LLC.  As early as 1994, they shared classes at Nimitz High School (Irving, Texas).  Dayna was Class Treasurer and Nicholas (an Arlington native) served as Class President.  The two married shortly after college, then lived and worked in Dallas for more than a decade.  After adding a few children into the mix, they began to plan their return to the Arlington area.

After 20 years as an entrepreneur in web and video marketing, Nicholas was seeking a career change, and exploring opportunities that could lead to a different path.  With the recent additions to our family, Dayna was also pounding the pavement, searching for something that would enable the family to spend more quality time together.  One Sunday afternoon, while enjoying a little dip in the pool, an idea began to emerge that would plant the seeds to grow their love of the outdoors into a new way of life.

Sunday Fun Time – to the Cowley’s & hopefully for you as well – means that we spend the time and effort to do things right the first time (and every time), so that time spent together can be truly enjoyed; not spent worrying about the things that we should have already done.

We’d Love to Meet You

     If you have not already reached out, please send us a quick message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange our assessment and consultation.  We will typically begin service within two weeks of initial contact, but can occasionally make exceptions. 

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Tips & Tricks

Water Level

If there is one thing we can stress to you, our clients, it is the importance of water level in your pool.  The survival of your equipment and the health of your eco-system depend upon the proper level of water in your pool.  If you notice bubbles, or gurgling where you haven’t before, check your water level and the contents of your skimmer baskets.  If your baskets are loaded with debris, water cannot move through your system properly.  This can cause serious damage to fittings, pups, motors and more.  If we notice your pool is in need of water, we might include a mention of this in your monthly statement’s note section.  

Bags & Baskets

If your baskets or cleaner bag are overloaded with debris, this can lead to malfunction, failure or damage to other components in your system.  We clean these items with each visit, but during some seasons it might be necessary for you to check these on a daily basis.  Heavy leaf fall and debris need to be removed from collection points as often as possible.  

Pool Cleaners

Your pool cleaner can be a huge help in maintaining cleanliness on the pool floor, walls and steps, as well as the health of your water.  All pool services include a cleaner inspection.  We carry common parts with us and can perform on the spot maintenance for most cleaners, and we can order and repair pretty much any modular cleaner in use in a pool.

As part of our service agreement, we help to maintain your existing pool equipment to the best of our abilities.  However, stuff still breaks down, and it doesn’t always happen when it is convenient for everyone.  Whenever possible, we will troubleshoot over the phone, so that further disruption can be avoided.  We will arrive at your home as soon as possible to assess the situation and assimilate a repair plan.  Common components that cost less than $100 can be added to your monthly invoice, but repairs exceeding this amount will require approval before action is taken.

Energy Saving Tips

Water needs to move through your system to ensure proper filtration.  Proper calculation of running time plays a big part in water balance and the overall health of you system.  Energy efficient pumps can help save on energy usage and operation cost when properly installed. The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act mandates that new and replacement pool pumps have a variable speed motor by July 19, 2021.  This conversion will help to exponentially limit energy consumption from pool operation systems in the years to come.

Draining Water

Typically, it is not a problem to have too much water in your pool.  Debris cannot enter your skimmer baskets, and overflow may flood surrounding areas.  If water needs to be removed from the pool, there are proper methods to ensure code compliance when draining.

Holiday Season

The holidays are always a special time of year. We try to maintain a consistent schedule for our monthly maintenance members, but we understand that events don’t always fall in line with this routine. If you are having a gathering or event that requires your premise to be serviced on a different day, please give us as much notice as possible. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

Same goes for gatherings during the swim season. Service just prior to an event can really make your domain shine. Plus… we will want to backwash after a large number of people have bathed in the pool.

Tipping Etiquette

Tips are never expected for scheduled visits or otherwise. However, if you feel the need to reward a job well done, we might not refuse it. However, it is never acceptable for one of our representatives to demand or expect such contribution. If you ever experience a situation where a Sunday Fun Time employee approaches you about anything outside the scope of our agreed work, please bring it to our attention immediately.

What People Say About Us…

 “So much easier dealing with just one, trustworthy provider for two services we so desperately needed.  Wish we would have met sooner.”

Rachel Portillo 

“I wouldn’t quote me on this, but I’m impressed with everything.  Nicholas is just a great guy, and he’s so handsome too… right?”

Mark Littleton

“It is amazing to see such a significant return on such a tiny investment.  I have more time to do what I want to do around the house.”

Dr. Frank Salazar

Why choose Sunday Fun Time?

enhance your domain

Protect and beautify one of your most important investments.  Proper routine maintenance can maximize the lifespan of your systems, as well as widen the scope of your enjoyment and relaxation.

The Missing Piece

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us and we just can’t see the forest for the trees.  If your current solution for pool and lawn service isn’t doing the job, maybe it is time to make a change for the better.

Life Balance

There’s only so much time in the day, and the aren’t selling more of it at the five and dime.  As cliche as that may be, it doesn’t make it any less true.  Find your zen in letting go of time eating tasks. 

We have an open door policy…

Everyone has a boss.  Our boss is the collective expectations, desires and demands from our clients.  If there is anything, and we mean ANYTHING, that needs to be brought to our attention, please let us know immediately. If you have a particular way that you like your lock to hang, we’ll make sure that it is done every time we leave.  We welcome feedback, and want to make sure our service exceeds your expectations.

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