Sunday Fun Time is a family owned and operated business, based in Arlington, Texas and serving surrounding areas.  We proudly provide simple and effective solutions for pools, lawns and outdoor living areas.

    Our monthly service plans pack the most value, delivering consistent, dependable results for all seasons.  We also offer à la carte services such as power washing, window cleaning, total leaf removal, gutter clean out, grill cleaning, and other essential sanitary solutions. 

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monthly service plans

     All service plans include weekly visits.

total pool

Our most popular service includes everything needed to keep your pool primed and pristine for all seasons.

above & Beyond

Total Pool + Total Lawn with a little icing on top. Front to back, your property gets the works.

Chemical only

The name says it all… weekly visits to monitor and maintain balance in your pool’s chemical levels.

total lawn

Mow, trim, edge, blow and collect.  A customized plan to fit the needs of your lawn and gardens.  

Poo Pick Up

Depending on frequency and the number of dogs, this service can be scheduled up to three times a week.

shave & a haircut

Just the fundamentals… mow & blow. Typically reserved for modest sized lawns, or yards with large pools.

let’s get together

     We’re likely out there cleaning pools and cutting lawns right now, so do us a favor and please send us your info.  We’ll call to schedule a meeting at your convenience to see if we’re a good fit for your home and lifestyle.

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Outdoor Living

Think of your backyard as more than just a pool and some patches of grass; it is a blank canvas, waiting for the right idea to bring your art to life.  In addition to scheduled pool and lawn maintenance, Sunday Fun Time designs and develops custom innovations and aesthetically astute solutions to help overcome the obstacles standing between you and the manifestation of your dreams.

From initial design and development, to production and installation, Sunday Fun Time works with a wide variety of industries to deliver unique mixed media fabrications for your outdoor living areas.  Custom yard and wall art, sculpture, fountains, water/fire features, and functional storage solutions are just a few examples of our production capabilities.  Our design specialists work with you from conception to installation to ensure satisfactory results.  Talk to a Sunday Fun Time representative to start the process of bringing your dreams to life. 

Pergolas and canopies can provide a much needed rejuvenation for tired and/or aging outdoor areas.  Whether attached to the home, or as a stand alone installation, these shade structures are a common element in successfully constructed ‘lifescapes’ and outdoor living areas.  Incorporating a variety of construction materials (wood, metal, acrylics, organics, etc.) can achieve outcomes that single material construction, or DYI kits simply cannot.  Before removing your current furniture, or deconstructing existing structures, consult with a Sunday Fun Time design specialist to see how we can help make heads turn at your next backyard gathering.

 Hand crafted fire pits, grills, BBQ enclosures, and flame features are perfect examples of some of the essential elements in a modern backyard, or outdoor gathering area.  Sure, there are plenty of store bought options out there… you can probably even catch a few of them on a same-day-delivery deal from one of those retail giant/conglomerate outfits.  Those are typically fine for a few seasons; then the elements have their way with them, and the next thing you know, you’re paying someone to haul it off for you.  The fire features designed and installed by Sunday Fun Time are built to stand the test of time.  Modular components are incorporated to ensure functionality and longevity for each project.  Ask one of our specialists how we can make your backyard sizzle and pop. 

 Too often we find ourselves victims of circumstance, not because we are not creative and unique, but because we have been presented a finite amount of options.  Most of us are taught to think outside of the box, but when it comes down to it, we’ll settle for what’s left on the shelf.  Pergolas, fire pits, and outdoor seating are some of the most common accessories for recreational areas, but we definitely are not limited to these items.  How about a 25′ tall golf club (a seven-iron, built to scale, to be exact)?  Have you ever seen a flamboyance of plastic flamingos, all smoking corn cob pipes?  How about an elegant ‘corn hole’ set up, with tumbled glass beds?  Or even a robotic pool-side server that mixes and pours the perfect Arnold Palmer?  Most of these ideas are within reach.  It just takes a little time and elbow grease to set the wheels in motion.  Just because you haven’t seen it before, or you think it would be too much trouble to attempt, don’t let that stop you from inquiring about your big idea.  Who knows???  It just might be possible.

Common Questions

How much do you charge?

We don’t base our prices solely off of the square footage of your yard or the volume of your pool.  Each variable and element is carefully considered before delivering an exact cost for the services we provide at your home.  That being said, the price range for each of our services are published on the SERVICES page of our site. 

When can you start?

We are currently accepting new clients inside of our zone of operation.  As soon as we agree upon the scope of services, you will be presented with the available time slots for your area.  As long as there are no unforeseen circumstances, we typically can start within a week of our initial consultation.

What about emergencies?

As part of our service agreement, we help to maintain your existing pool equipment to the best of our abilities.  However, stuff still breaks down, and it doesn’t always happen when it is convenient for everyone.  Whenever possible, we will troubleshoot over the phone, so that further disruption can be avoided.  We will arrive at your home as soon as possible to assess the situation and assimilate a repair plan.  Common components that cost less than $100 can be added to your monthly invoice, but repairs exceeding this amount will require approval before action is taken.

WhAt if I buy my own chemicals?

Our monthly service prices include chemicals, so this would not result in a price difference.  If you prefer to provide a particular brand or chemical, we will attempt to incorporate this into your pool’s plan.  However, if we find one or a combination of chemicals to be counterproductive or reactive in a manner that is undesirable, we will eliminate them from our scheduled maintenance.  

Why is there algae in my pool?

A number of factors can cause an algae bloom in your pool.  Most likely it is a combination of elements, such as rain, organic matter, temperature alterations, and possibly a chemical imbalance in your water.  Testing the water to gauge levels can tell us a lot, but considering the recent history of your pool and environment can tell us much more.

Can we hire you just for the summer?

The prices we determine for your property’s service plan are calculated to deliver the best possible value over a full 12 months of service.  We do not ask you to sign a contract, but the understood agreement is that we will provide service year round.  If services are discontinued prior to a year from performing work, we will not resume services at the same rate the following year.

Ask us anything!

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 “So much easier dealing with just one, trustworthy provider for two services we so desperately needed.  Wish we would have met sooner.”

Rachel Portillo 

“I wouldn’t quote me on this, but I’m impressed with everything.  Nicholas is just a great guy, and he’s so handsome too… right?”

Mark Littleton

“It is amazing to see such a significant return on such a small investment.  I have more time to do what I want to do around the house.”

Dr. Frank Salazar

What Sunday Fun Time means to us

quality of life - maximized

Share your weekends with your family and friends; not dealing with chores that should already be done.  Maximize your enjoyment while minimizing the hassle.

not just good - but perfect

There are plenty of options for your lawn and pool service. Our mission is not to complete with those ‘other guys.’ Our mission is to do our best – every time.

chillaxing - a two way street

We like hanging at our pool on weekends just as much as you do.  We work hard to make your pool perfect so that your weekend, and ours, is perfect as well.

We clean & cut SUN UP TO SUN DOWN – Monday thru Friday All Year Round – MOST conditions

We prefer an early start, so we are usually out the door and servicing homes by 8AM on weekdays.  Utilizing a minimal staff helps to keep our cost down, without compromising quality.  If we are not available at the time of your call or text, someone will get back to you.

Call or text Anytime: 469-358-8512

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